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When will the strawberries be ready? How do I freeze sweet corn? What will the maze design be this year? What's happening on the farm right now?

If you have been to Skelly's before, especially to our farm location, you know there is a lot going on around here. From strawberries in June to sweet corn in mid-summer to tons of farm fun in the fall, it is easy to miss out on what is going on at Skelly's. Strawberries only last about three weeks, and you would hate to not even know they are ready until the third week. Or what if our sweet corn was early and ready for the 4th of July, but you missed out on having the best party because your neighbor's party was the only one with fresh Skelly corn?

We want to keep you connected with what's happening on the farm, but we know you do not want 14 hundred emails a week from us or 10 bazillion Facebook notifications popping up. Let's face it, your friends are still probably more important than us. But sometimes it is nice to know the important things like when corn is ready, and maybe sometimes you might like a few posts from us about what is happening around the farm or just some fun facts about how we grow our produce. So, we have three great ways for you to stay up to date with Skelly's and get just the right amount of information. And remember, you can always easily unsubscribe from any of our updates.

Email Updates - Sign Up If you want just the most important information from Skelly's such as when berries or sweet corn is ready, this is the method for you. We usually send out less than one email a week during our seasons only, which ends up being about 8-10 emails total each year. When we do send these out, they are like a mini-newsletter with a few articles about other things going on around the farm. You will never miss out when our seasons start, and you might even get a few coupons!

Facebook Page - Like Us If you use Facebook, why not show your friends that you enjoy Skelly's. We will let you know when key produce items are available, and from time to time we will post a little bit about what is happening around the farm. But we will not bog you down with too many updates about the farm, usually just a couple each week. We will have fun contests such as guess our corn maze design, and sometimes we will ask you some questions to get your feedback. When you have finished harvesting your Farmville crops each day, why not check out what's happening on a real farm with Skelly's.

Twitter - Follow Us If you are looking for quick news fast from the farm, follow us on Twitter. Our Twitter page allows you to keep track of new and upcoming produce throughout our seasons. With Facebook now limiting how much of our content can reach our fans, Twitter is a great way to make sure you do not miss any important updates.

Pintrest Page - Follow us on Pintrest to find lots of great ways to cook your Skelly foods plus get other great seasonal ideas.

Skelly's Farm Market: Up Close - Watch We can type all day about what is happening at the farm, but sometimes seeing is believing. That is why we are starting a webisode series titled Skelly's Farm Market: Up Close. What do the tomatoes look like when they are growing? How do we plant acres of pumpkins? How do you pick strawberries? How do we make our corn maze? If you love Discovery channel shows such as Dirty Jobs where you get a behind the scenes tour of how things work, then you need to watch Skelly's Farm Market: Up Close. We take our video camera around the farm and show you what is happening throughout the growing season. Visit our video page, or subscribe on YouTube.


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